Friday, December 31, 2010

What's The News, [ a.e.meth ]?


Do you like hunts? Awesome, because I'm participating in one. Check here for my hint, as well as a list of all the stores that are participating.

As far as what I made for the hunt, I'll give you one clue.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heavy Liners Makeup

Heavy Liners Makeup

These liners are for special outfits, or people who just know how to wear them. They were inspired by Steffy of ArtofFreebies, for being so artistic with her outfits and makeup choices.

Four liners included, plus one tintable layer.

Purchase it here.

Also, visit the mainstore to check out a free Christmas gift.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good news and a new Livestream channel

Thanks to one of my most awesome friends, I was sent a spare tablet and now I'm back in action. Per their request, the next makeup set will be named after them.

I have a new Livestream channel where I draw sometimes, and keep videos of stuff I do. For those interested, sometimes I stream at night and play a little music along with it. Drawing sessions are sometimes an hour or two long, sometimes longer if it's a serious job. I think the first actual session up right now is about 40 minutes.

Anyway, please enjoy, and I'll announce when I'm streaming next time!


Oh yes, there was one more thing... someone gave me a teapot to paint today, which I took some acrylics to it and had a ball. When I was done, I realized how pretty it was. I think I might get into doing that for fun.

So, those of you who like painted things, I might throw some up on my Etsy sometimes. Look for it in the future.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My tablet died

This is NOT a pity-me post. This is a notice.

The other day I was playing Minecraft, and I noticed my mouse was moving all over the screen by itself. After talking to a friend about what the problem might be, I observed my wacom's backlight fade completely. It was dead.

While this might mean an end to my business.. quite honestly, I'll be damned if that happens.

Here's what will go down:

I'm either going to start creating liners by traditional means--something that's actually worked in the past with creations and paid off beautifully, or, I'll wait a month to create anything new and be on hiatus for the month of December.

Probably the first thing is going to happen. I've painted a skin before using nothing but acrylics on regular copy paper, and I don't have a problem with creating liners with ink washes to make interesting effects. In fact, I think it might be a lot of fun and produce some unique things. But I wanted to state this so everyone knew what was happening.

I might even be able to continue as normal. The above was just me attempting to create a drawing, using my fingers over my laptop's touchpad area. I need practice but it honestly is not half-bad for just pinching my fingers together and coordinating with another button to create a line. This was just with a minute or two of practice.

Either way, I think things will be alright.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cat Eyeliner and Glitter Eyeshadow Natural Pack

Hi! There are two new products in the store today:

Cat Eyeliner Pack

The Cat Eyeliner pack is a fun pack of six eyeliners, plus one layer that doubles as an eyeliner and an eyeshadow. The last layer is tintable, so you can layer it with your favorite liners to produce a unique look.


The Glitter Eyeshadow Natural Pack is a package of brown eyeshadows, ranging from a subtle shade of brown, to something more smokey. Enjoy this with an everyday look, or for something different altogether. People may underestimate the difference between the shades in this picture, but trust me--if you want brown eyeshadow, you get a good range here.

You can get both of these items at my mainstore. Thank you for your continued support.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[ a.e.meth ] - Miss Vicious Eyeshadow

[ a.e.meth ] - Miss Vicious Eyeshadow

Get the smoke-eye effect with [ a.e.meth ] 's new Miss Vicious Eyeshadow. Includes nine tattoo layers, plus one tintable. Customize your face and stand out from the crowd!

Eyeliner sold seperately. Pair this with my other eye products for a great look.

Available for 100L here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Daughter of North Theatrical Makeup

Daughter of North Theatrical Makeup

Introducing the new theatrical makeup kit, Daughter of North.

Includes tintable layers for eye, cheek, and forehead circles, as well as the underlying face powder. It's recommended you color the powder something close to your face color for a truly beautiful look.

Wear all the layers together, or try out the special combination tattoos. You can also wear each thing separately.

100L at the mainstore.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paintings for Sale!

Along with creating makeup and selling my work in-world, I also sell art irl. I wasn't going to market it here, but after talking to Melanie about it, I decided it was a good idea.

These are available for $75.00 each here:

In Winter
8x10, acrylic on canvas.

Sparrow In Winter
5x7, oil on canvas

Woodward Near Capitol Park
8x10, oil on canvas.

Buy them here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glitter Eyeshadow: Retro and Sinful Packs

Hey everyone!

Glitter Eyeshadow: Retro Pack

Glitter Eyeshadow: Sinful Pack

These are both out now for 10L. Grab them at my mainstore and have fun!

Also, if anyone wants to exchange links with me on my blog, feel free to contact me in-game or leave a comment here. I love fashion blogs because I like to see what people are wearing, and want more people to enjoy them. Thank you!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glitter Eyeshadow: Basic Pack

Glitter Eyeshadow: Basic Pack

Available for 10L here.

I also released a group and subscribo gift today, so check that out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New products and Lipstick Tuesday

This Tuesday, I'm having a trunk sale at one of my favorite haunts, Insilico's Club reakt0r. Expect makeup, tshirts, and dresses for 1L. It lasts from 6-8pm, so come by and say hello. :D Here's the event info if you'd like to see it.

And here's a dollarbie you can find at Juicy's 3rd Birthday Celebration:

Eye Glitter

Eye glitter! It's been broken up into several tattoo layers, featuring two different styles for the outer eye, and three for the inner eye. There's also one layer for everything altogether. It's 1L at this location for a limited time.

Other news:

- There's a Midnight Mania board on the 2nd floor of my mainstore. I also have a gatcha machine there for different paintings. It's 10L to play the machine, and a great way to get some art if 100L is too much for you.

- I redid my Avalon gallery!

- I also have an SL Marketplace store now. Leave some feedback if you buy something!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wet Eyeliner and Mascara

Wet Eyeliner/Mascara

Today I put in a gatcha machine in the mainstore, filled with these eyeliners and lashes. It's 2L to play the machine or you can buy the entire pack for 50L.

I like all kinds of eyeliners, but I especially like the kind where there's a shiny texture on the mascara. So this pack is for people who like that sort of thing. I also made some of the lashes short, because I think there's something about subtle makeup that's very nice.

I'll probably make eyeshadows next, so stay tuned.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dramatic Stripe Makeup

Dramatic Stripe

Truly outrageous.

Dramatic Stripe

The stripe makeup you see is available for 100L at my mainstore. Included are tintable stripe tattoo layers for both sides of the face, along with various combinations of stripes together so you can save room for your favorite liner and lipstick.

How do you wear this? I suggest the magic rule of three stripes on your face; it provides balance and enough interest. Base the dominant stripe color on your outfit, and leave one stripe as your "statement" color. Don't put on everything at once because only a few people can pull that off.

This pack of stripe makeup is 100L, and is mod and copy. Please enjoy it!

And for those who say it looks like Jem and the Holograms, yep. Jem and David Bowie were my inspiration!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Artists' Statement, Sort Of

The porch is done..

I thought I would make a statement about my artwork and explain who I am, for those who are interested. If you want to see new product releases, just scroll down past this entry.

Who Are You?

Without giving too much away about myself, I'm an artist in real life. My store in SL is a reflection if my progression in reality; right now, I'm still kind of a noob, figuring things out and gaining a few appreciators. That's actually the same as my work in real life. I have one gallery representation under my arm (same as in SL, Lust 4 Art is a gallery that shows my work), I've transitioned a bit from amateur to somewhat professional, but I have a long way to go. You could say that about SL or RL and it would be true.

[ a.e.meth ] is a project and a mirror. I advance as it does. My whole, my complete self, is dedicated to creating beautiful things for people to admire and love. When I create, I'm completely happy.

How Do You Explain Your Work?

I imagine every piece I’ve ever done to exist on a large plane, kind of like a Courtesan graph.

Closest to the origin are the most realistic works, or those that are the most representational. Approaching infinity at x and y are the abstract pieces, which exist in their own sort of world and represent large, intangible ideas, such as love or the dislike for remembering prime numbers.

Realistic works are further divided by series. Like children listed in a family tree, they’re grouped into storylines, and can be placed chronologically on a wall to observe a developing plot.

I visit graphs, number lines and spectrums to explain things logically a lot, but I feel it's the best way to lay out images and relationships in a reasonable manner.

Where Did You Get The Name Aemeth?

'Aemeth' means 'truth'. It's based on the Jewish myth of golems. I first learned of it through GiTS 2, in this scene:

Togusa and Batou are investigating a crime, and enter a mansion filled with illusions. Motoko visits them and writes "aemeth" on the floor when what they're seeing is real, and "meth" when what they're seeing is false. I loved the Locus Solus mansion and still want to see a build of it.

When I first watched the Japanese dub, Batou pronounces "aemeth" as "aaaaeeemeth", and I thought it was cute. That's why there are dots in [ a.e.meth ].

I think that's enough explaining.. oh. Many people don't know this, but there's an easter egg in my store's title... click it and you'll receive an explanation of the same.

Thanks for reading all of this. :)

Love Illustrated

Love Illustrated

A special illustration has been set up both at my Avalon Gallery and mainstore in Kuu Ipo, in honor of the It Gets Better campaign. Please have a look. Copies are free for you to share with your friends.

I released this graph because hurts my heart to see so many children, who think they're alone and feeling they're abominations of nature for being gay, end their lives because of the harassment they endure. It's wrong and it needs to stop.

For so long I heard arguments against gay unions and marriage as being a threat to children. Well now gay kids are killing themselves. So what now?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick

I made a little pack of lipsticks today. They're available at my mainstore for 10L.

They may not fit everyone, so check out the demo/freebie below the vendor.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Ink drawings and oil sketches on watercolor paper, artwork that's been hidden in my files for some time now.

The drawings are taken from things I see every day, or fantastical concepts I wanted to hash out.

100L, m/t.

Come to my store to see the pretty.
Mainstore (Kuu Ipo)
Avalon Gallery

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Satin Petal Dress and Planisphere Skin



Satin Petal Dress, 5L.

Planisphere Skin

Planisphere Skin, 1L for skin and shape.

Both of these items were handpainted on paper, then scanned in.

Planisphere is named after the tetrology by Justice. It is 17 minutes long and amazing.

You can pick up these items at my store.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Deciding on a creative direction.

Moving to Kuu Ipo

[ a.e.meth ] moved to Kuu Ipo a few days ago. The beach is perfect for the store; thanks to everyone who helped find Aemy a home, even if it meant some moving around along the way!

To address the blog topic, I need to add an rl story. Take a walk with me for a second:

I create the art you see at my store irl, and sell them as originals and prints. One day I had a booth set up at a fair and met a famous artist a few spots down from where I was stationed. He reviewed my portfolio and told me he didn't like the direction I was going in. When asked why, he said because I needed to be more traditional. That was where the money was. I told him that was boring. That made him upset.

I didn't exactly smack my gum and flick my wrist at his career or anything, but if that's not my style, then that's not my style. I can't fake anything, and I believe this is the attitude I should take with SL creations as well.

From here on out, the store is going going to refrain from any releases too mainstream. My ideas for creating skins, makeup and clothing revolves around unusual mediums and methods, and isn't going to suit everyone's tastes.

In fact, some people are probably going to wonder what I'm on or remark that I'm nuts. But you know what? It'll be awesome anyway.

My main point, though, is to get people to see and do something fun and off-the-wall. That's all my art has ever been about, actually. Fantasy, far-off places, seeing things in a different light. So even if I just have visitors who want to look at pretty things, I'll be happy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Turntable Shirt and Custom Work

Zee store

The store has some new art for you to look at. Come visit us.

We also made a new tshirt:

Free, as always. Because we like free.

Edit: Want custom art? I take commissions. Contact me under Aemeth Lysette or Nina Iridescent.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

We had a party. This is our music set from it.

What I thought I'd do, was.

We had a party at Lust 4 Art yesterday, since we have an exhibition there right now...which, by the way, will be up for two more weeks, so stop by for dollarbie sketches and great art.

For those who attended and want our music list, here it is:

1. Skream - Perforated
2. The Other World - Jakatta
3. 13th Moon - Aba Structure
4. Air and ordon Tracks - Playground Love
5. Mylo - Sunworshipper
6. 13th Moon - Ephemeral Mists
7. 13th Moon - Kaya Project
8. Turin Brakes - Mind over Money
9. Bonobo - Flutter
10. Telepopmusik - Breathe
11. (The) Field - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
12. Bat for Lashes - Pearl's Dream
13. Empire of the Sun - We Are The People
14. Frankmusik - Better Off As Two
15. Frankmusik - 3 Little Words
16. MGMT - Electric Feel
17. Frankmusik - Time Will Tell
18. 1032 - Blue Little
19. Mt. Eden - Bat for Lashes
20. Mt. Eden - Still Alive
21. Mt. Eden - I'll Be There For You
22. Skream - Where You Should Be
23. The Reflecting Skin - Traffickers
24. Mt. Eden - Omen
25. Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Rusko Papuseria Remix)
26. Skream - Wibbler
27. 13th Moon - Human Blue
28. 13th Moon - Taruna
29. Skream - Listenin' To the Records On My Wall
30. Skream - CPU
31. Mt. Eden - Let Go
32. Mt. Eden - Saeglopur
33. Frankmusik - Run Away From Trouble

By the way, if you want to get some great clothing, stop by 22769. They're just next door and have some fantastic clothing for men and women.

Pegasus and Insilico

Pegasus Shirt Insilico Shirt

To start [ a.e.meth ] off with a bang, we're giving away two free unisex shirts-- Pegasus and Insilico.  Comes in all layers for your styling needs, and looks great on both men and women.

Next up, an 80's mixtape shirt.  Be on the lookout.