Thursday, October 14, 2010

Artists' Statement, Sort Of

The porch is done..

I thought I would make a statement about my artwork and explain who I am, for those who are interested. If you want to see new product releases, just scroll down past this entry.

Who Are You?

Without giving too much away about myself, I'm an artist in real life. My store in SL is a reflection if my progression in reality; right now, I'm still kind of a noob, figuring things out and gaining a few appreciators. That's actually the same as my work in real life. I have one gallery representation under my arm (same as in SL, Lust 4 Art is a gallery that shows my work), I've transitioned a bit from amateur to somewhat professional, but I have a long way to go. You could say that about SL or RL and it would be true.

[ a.e.meth ] is a project and a mirror. I advance as it does. My whole, my complete self, is dedicated to creating beautiful things for people to admire and love. When I create, I'm completely happy.

How Do You Explain Your Work?

I imagine every piece I’ve ever done to exist on a large plane, kind of like a Courtesan graph.

Closest to the origin are the most realistic works, or those that are the most representational. Approaching infinity at x and y are the abstract pieces, which exist in their own sort of world and represent large, intangible ideas, such as love or the dislike for remembering prime numbers.

Realistic works are further divided by series. Like children listed in a family tree, they’re grouped into storylines, and can be placed chronologically on a wall to observe a developing plot.

I visit graphs, number lines and spectrums to explain things logically a lot, but I feel it's the best way to lay out images and relationships in a reasonable manner.

Where Did You Get The Name Aemeth?

'Aemeth' means 'truth'. It's based on the Jewish myth of golems. I first learned of it through GiTS 2, in this scene:

Togusa and Batou are investigating a crime, and enter a mansion filled with illusions. Motoko visits them and writes "aemeth" on the floor when what they're seeing is real, and "meth" when what they're seeing is false. I loved the Locus Solus mansion and still want to see a build of it.

When I first watched the Japanese dub, Batou pronounces "aemeth" as "aaaaeeemeth", and I thought it was cute. That's why there are dots in [ a.e.meth ].

I think that's enough explaining.. oh. Many people don't know this, but there's an easter egg in my store's title... click it and you'll receive an explanation of the same.

Thanks for reading all of this. :)

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