Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My tablet died

This is NOT a pity-me post. This is a notice.

The other day I was playing Minecraft, and I noticed my mouse was moving all over the screen by itself. After talking to a friend about what the problem might be, I observed my wacom's backlight fade completely. It was dead.

While this might mean an end to my business.. quite honestly, I'll be damned if that happens.

Here's what will go down:

I'm either going to start creating liners by traditional means--something that's actually worked in the past with creations and paid off beautifully, or, I'll wait a month to create anything new and be on hiatus for the month of December.

Probably the first thing is going to happen. I've painted a skin before using nothing but acrylics on regular copy paper, and I don't have a problem with creating liners with ink washes to make interesting effects. In fact, I think it might be a lot of fun and produce some unique things. But I wanted to state this so everyone knew what was happening.

I might even be able to continue as normal. The above was just me attempting to create a drawing, using my fingers over my laptop's touchpad area. I need practice but it honestly is not half-bad for just pinching my fingers together and coordinating with another button to create a line. This was just with a minute or two of practice.

Either way, I think things will be alright.

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