Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good news and a new Livestream channel

Thanks to one of my most awesome friends, I was sent a spare tablet and now I'm back in action. Per their request, the next makeup set will be named after them.

I have a new Livestream channel where I draw sometimes, and keep videos of stuff I do. For those interested, sometimes I stream at night and play a little music along with it. Drawing sessions are sometimes an hour or two long, sometimes longer if it's a serious job. I think the first actual session up right now is about 40 minutes.

Anyway, please enjoy, and I'll announce when I'm streaming next time!


Oh yes, there was one more thing... someone gave me a teapot to paint today, which I took some acrylics to it and had a ball. When I was done, I realized how pretty it was. I think I might get into doing that for fun.

So, those of you who like painted things, I might throw some up on my Etsy sometimes. Look for it in the future.

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