Monday, October 25, 2010

New products and Lipstick Tuesday

This Tuesday, I'm having a trunk sale at one of my favorite haunts, Insilico's Club reakt0r. Expect makeup, tshirts, and dresses for 1L. It lasts from 6-8pm, so come by and say hello. :D Here's the event info if you'd like to see it.

And here's a dollarbie you can find at Juicy's 3rd Birthday Celebration:

Eye Glitter

Eye glitter! It's been broken up into several tattoo layers, featuring two different styles for the outer eye, and three for the inner eye. There's also one layer for everything altogether. It's 1L at this location for a limited time.

Other news:

- There's a Midnight Mania board on the 2nd floor of my mainstore. I also have a gatcha machine there for different paintings. It's 10L to play the machine, and a great way to get some art if 100L is too much for you.

- I redid my Avalon gallery!

- I also have an SL Marketplace store now. Leave some feedback if you buy something!

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